Replacement Activities

Written by: Jessica Baldachin

Ever find yourself scrolling through your social media feed without even connecting with the content? A few weeks ago, I found myself liking every post I scrolled past- even though I had no idea what it said or showed! I thought to myself, "what a waste of time"... and decided it was time for a change.

From what I have noticed about myself, I tend to get into the habit of scrolling aimlessly when I am bored or tired and while it may help pass the time, this brain numbing activity can be detrimental to my mental health. Instead of scrolling for hours when we believe there is nothing else to do, let's take a look below at some of the indoor and outdoor activities we can occupy ourselves with instead!

· Go on an outdoor walk or hike with a friend (physically distanced of course!)

· Download apps like Headspace or Calm and try meditation

· Download a new phone or computer video game

· Make a new Spotify playlist

· Play online games with friends with the help of platforms which let you video call while playing (i.e.,

· Play with your pet outside in the snow

· Find a new YouTube workout video

· Go ice skating or cross-country skiing

· Try to learn a hard TikTok dance

· Put together a family game night

· Go to the dollar store, buy some cheap paint and follow a Bob Ross YouTube tutorial

· Paint your nails a funky design

· Redecorate your room

· Go for a run down a new ravine

· Make homemade sushi, pasta or any other food you’ve been meaning to try and make

· Watch a movie with your friends with the help of an app called Teleparty

· Call a grandparent who you haven't spoken to in awhile and see if they are doing

During Covid-19 lockdowns, it is hard to stay busy and optimistic. Planning some fun activities and adventures will help give you something to look forward too and will allow you to make fun memories you can look back on!