My Unfollow Spree

Written by: Jessica Baldachin

I recently unfollowed over 200 accounts on Instagram.

Normally, I would log onto the app, scroll aimlessly for hours and leave feeling lonely, ugly and lazy. I would fill my days with staring at models, influencers and girls who I had met once. I would watch their day-to-day lives and dream about one day having what seemed like their “perfect” life. Whenever I would ask myself why I still follow them, I would tell myself that it was a goal. That my end result, should look like their current. I'm laughing typing this because saying that out loud genuinely sounds ridiculous- but its true!

However, once I “liked” a photo and couldn’t even recall how I knew the girl, I knew it was time for me to make a change. I wanted to claim back my feed as an uplifting, creative, and inspirational platform. I began to scroll through my following list and unclicked every individual who I did not have a connection with. I unfollowed old friends from elementary school who I hadn’t spoken to in years, influencers who did not spread body positivity, musicians I no longer listened too, and old school clubs. I also unfollowed all those “friends” you make in the washroom at a bar… you know, those girls who become your best friend for five minutes while they lend you their mascara?

I know 200 people doesn’t seem like a lot considering I still follow about 900 accounts, but it’s a start. I have already noticed a huge difference in the content being shown in my feed and on my explore page. I am seeing more friendly faces, beautiful art, and messages that uplift my mood. While I have a long way to go, tailoring my Instagram feed has changed the way I use social media and has allowed me to have a better relationship with myself. I no longer strive to be someone I am not and I have begun accepting myself more and more each day.