Living meaningfully is HARD, but worth it.

Written by: Victoria Sharpe


I firmly believe that deep inside each and every human on earth, there is a relentless compulsion to live a life of meaning.

Or, perhaps, a better way of putting this is that every human on earth is absolutely terrified of living a life that is completely meaningless.

Ironically, this idea of having an individual purpose for our lives is one of the most common and fundamental human experiences. While we might approach the concept of meaningfulness differently, we often experience it in similar ways. It is powerfully uninterrupted through the duration of our lives and yet, somehow, we keep it in the backs of our minds. It tends to keep us awake at night when we are alone with our thoughts, but stays quiet as we shift our attention to the distractions found in daylight. It probes the questions, “why am I here?”, “what is my purpose in life?”, and “what does all of this...mean?”.


In my own life, I think this desire takes place in the form of a battle. I’ll be the first to admit, I have huge hopes and dreams for my life. I am consciously aware of my passions and have designed detailed plans to build my life around them. I believe it is crucial to have a curated balance between work, play, social living, and independent growth. I have every intention of abiding by my morning routine, maintaining a positive attitude throughout each day and ensuring not a single moment is wasted.

But I also get lazy. I am easily distracted. I find myself waiting desperately for the next ‘break’, whether that’s an evening off of work, the next weekend or holiday. I often settle for watching shows that allow me to be mindless, or scrolling through Instagram reels until I’m sure I have seen every single one on the app. I forget about the meaning I am supposed to be pursuing and allow myself to be sidetracked.

It was largely this internal battle that led me to The Social Reset.

I came to the realization that one of the biggest weapons being used against my personal fulfillment was the time I was spending on social media. Every minute I spent scrolling, double tapping, deep-diving, re-sharing, and swiping, was a minute I was not spending investing in my life of meaning. What’s more, I felt as though every single person on my feed(s) was screaming out their opinions at top volume. The louder my apps got, the more I listened to the chatter of those I ‘knew’ on social media. I internalized the voices of subliminal messaging and my sense of meaning became very quiet.

So, I took a break. I cleared my head. I reminded myself of my search for meaning. I surrounded myself with other individuals who were doing similar things. I reestablished a healthy community of friends. I realigned my priorities. I set boundaries. I felt better.

At the end of the day, we will likely spend our entire lives searching for the answers to the questions about the meaning of life. We may never feel as though we have a clear answer. We can, however, ensure that we make every moment as meaningful as possible.

So far, I am really enjoying this new approach to living meaningfully. Care to join me?

(The Disney short film “Inner Workings” has a fantastic depiction of this idea. If you haven’t already seen it, I HIGHLY recommend you take 6 minutes to check it out!).