Time to send some

to your mental health. 


Delete social media for a month.

Raise money for mental health.

What is the Social Reset?

We're surrounded by obsessive media consumption. 

We gauge our self-worth based on our follower ratio. 

People like to move in masses, so what if everyone went off social media for a month? We'd have space to reflect on our relationship with social media, reconnect with others, and even time to pick up a new skill.

What if to hold us accountable during our time off, and to help out our communities, we raised money for mental health charities?

What if that was the Social Reset we all needed?

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The Ugly

Truth About Social Media Usage...


Following the rise of social media platforms in the past ten years, we've seen an unprecedented increase in consequences, especially in our youth...


Of plastic surgeries are primarily driven by social media pressures¹.

7h 22m

Average hours of screen time in youth from 13 to 18 years in age³.


Of teens have admitted to being bullied or harassed online².


Increase in the risk of suicide amongst female teens³.

We're proudly a