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This August we're pledging to spend less time on social media
When was the last time you spent distraction-free time with your friends? It becomes seemingly more challenging the more we get drawn into our social feeds. Take some time off together, here's to simpler times.
Step 1: 

Hey, in August I want to spend less time on social media and more time together with you all. Feel like we're due for this. If we register for the Social Reset month, we can do these weekly activites together and have access to their workshops and speakers. It's free too. You all down? You can sign up here:

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Step 2:   Plan Your Adventure

Luckily, this couldn't be any simpler. If your friends aren't yet aware of the Social Reset, you can check out our Team Lead Resource Package below, there's lots of goodies here that you can use to share with your friends!

Activities Map

Week One

Park Picnic

Find a park close to you and enjoy a meal outside. Don't forget a speaker for the tunes.

Week Two

Walk / Hike

Go out on a walk or hike out in the beautiful outdoors. Smell the fresh air!

Week Three

Play a Sport

Get competitive with a sport you all like to play (tennis, soccer, spikeball).

Week Four

Beach Day

Go out and spend the day in the sand, sun, and water. Maybe even a beach ball?


Week One

Game Night

Host a game night using or


Week Two

Movie Night

Watch a movie with your friends and have a debrief

post film!

Week Three

Virtual Meetup

Use gather to catch up with friends and have one on one conversations.

Week Four

Themed Event

Create something together like baking a cookie, making cocktails, or a paint night!

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Communication Guide
Step 3: 
Step 4: 

It's important that prior to setting off on your month-long adventure, as a team you:

  1. Determine how you will communicate with each other

    1. Text group

    2. Whatsapp group

    3. Slack group

    4. Discord group 

  2. Decide on the frequency in which you want to meet up as a team

    1. We suggest a range of 1x to 2x a week

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