We're empowering youth to make responsible social media decisions.
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Reaching hundreds of students throughout Canada, our youth-led educational workshop is designed to relate and resonate with youth. 

Through the workshop, we deliver highly interactive and curriculum-focused content that's been endorsed by Jack.org, Canada's largest youth mental health charity. The workshop covers the benefits, challenges, and healthy habits recomended to manage a healthier relationship with social media.

Our Workshop
What the students have to say...

Below is feedback provided directly by the students after attending the first session of our workshop.

The workshop was developed in accordance with Ontario Curriculum (Grades 1-8): Health and Physical Education (2019). Understanding the role of mental health in students’ education, we aim to nurture and support students’ strengths and assets by promotive positive mental health in both the classroom and home life.


Following curriculum expectations, we have based most of our workshops on Strand A – Social-Emotional Learning Skills, helping students develop these skills to foster overall positive health and well-being (including the ability to learn, build resilience, and thrive).

Our Method

We have curated both a workshop and post-workshop activity to allow for the information provided to be well-received in all different forms of learning. We strive to make our workshop as engaging, impactful, and empowering as possible – using interactive components such as videos, games, and stretching exercises to promote additional learning skills.

Creative Contract

The Creative Contract is an activity we encourage following the workshop; this allows students to check in with their mental health by providing ways to help identify and manage their emotions, create guidelines for stress management, and be critical and creative thinkers.


This classroom-led activity allows students to communicate with one another by identifying common negative social media habits and brainstorming with the class a set of ground rules/control measures for social media use to keep each other accountable.

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