Uninterupted Family Time?
This August we're pledging to spend less time on social media
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With all the time we've spent cooped up this past year, it's been easy to retreat into our screens. When we take the time to reconnect offline, we can greater appreciate moments spent together. Maybe it's time to unwind.
Engaging the family has never been easier.

Taking time off our screens means we've got to keep the family entertained, and planning activities can take a lot of time. We've got that taken care of for you. Once you sign up you'll have access to a set of weekly optional activities to host with your family. Think game nights, crafts, and activities outdoors! Spending more time together will make this that much more rewarding. 

How do I get my family involved?
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The only housekeeping item here is creating your team page so that you can enter this adventure together! We've also put together a set of FAQs you might have about the campaign.

Yoga, Workshops, Meditation, and More?

Outside of the activities we've arranged for you for the month, we've also got a month of optional programming... you might be looking to pick up a new self-care practice, or educate yourself about the psychology of social media platforms. To help you on your journey, we'll be running optional workshops and speaker events each day throughout the month. 

Make an Impact on the Community

Just like running a marathon for charity, or growing our a moustache for Movember, when you pledge to reduce your social media usage for the month, you'll have the chance to make a broader impact on youth mental health. We'll be doing this by fundraising for Jack.org, Canada's largest peer-to-peer youth mental health charity.