Ready to Unwind?
This August we're pledging to spend less time on social media
You might feel like you're looking to get some time back. You might feel too anxious on social platforms. You might want to reconnect with nature and friends offline. Whatever it is, you're welcome here.

Stepping off social media (in any capacity) can be a really difficult thing. Sometimes we don't realize how challenging it is until we try to reduce our usage. That's why we're doing this as a community in August - we're stronger when we stand together.

Yoga, Workshops, Meditation, and More?

With all this newfound time on your hands you might be looking to pickup a new self-care practice, or educate yourself about the psychology of social media platforms. To help you on your journey, we'll be running optional workshops and speaker events each day throughout the month. 

Make an Impact on the Community

Just like running a marathon for charity, or growing our a moustache for Movember, when you pledge to reduce your social media usage for the month, you'll have the chance to make a broader impact on youth-mental health. We'll be doing this by fundraising for, Canada's largest peer-to-peer youth mental health charity. 

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